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20 Latest and Most Popular Korean Dramas in 2024

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The Hallyu Wave, also known as the Korean Wave, has significantly impacted global entertainment, with K-Dramas playing a pivotal role. A segment of South Korea's entertainment sector is gradually gaining international acclaim, showcasing a variety of dramas that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Korean dramas aren't just about engaging storylines; they also demonstrate the complete dedication of the production teams, including the actors and artists. This commitment ensures the creation of high-quality dramas that garner appreciation and credit globally.

For fans of Korean dramas, staying updated on the latest releases is essential, right? Don't worry, Bacaterus has got you covered with the most recent Korean dramas you need to check out. Get ready for an exciting viewing experience!

1. A Killer Paradox

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Choi Woo Shik Son Seok Koo Lee Hee Joon

"A Killer Paradox," featuring Choi Woo Sik as Lee Tang, starts with a startling incident. Lee Tang is a student working a part-time job wo accidentally kills a drunk man during a scuffle. He's terrified this accident could ruin his life. However, he finds out that the man he killed was actually a criminal killer, long sought by the police.

Lee Tang comes to realize that he possesses a unique ability to identify evil people who deserve to die. He then decides to take on the role of a "judge" for these criminals, unaware that he is slowly becoming a serial killer himself.

Lee Tang's actions don't go unnoticed. Detective Jang Nan Gam (Son Seok Koo) and former investigator Song Chon (Lee Hee Jun) are now on his trail.

The intriguing plot of "A Killer Paradox," written by Kim Da Min, is an adaptation of a popular webtoon by Kkomabi. Despite its seemingly dark theme, the film skillfully blends elements of thriller, crime, and black comedy.

2. Captivating the King

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Jo Jung Suk Shin Se Kyung Lee Shin Young

Jo Jung Suk's acting abilities are truly remarkable. This popular South Korean actor has graced our screens in numerous dramas, and in "Captivating The King," he portrays a lonely king alongside the lovely Shin Se Kyung.

In the story, Lee In (Jo Jung Suk) starts as a beloved prince, deeply cherished by his brother, King Lee Sun. However, when he's kidnapped and imprisoned by the Qin Dynasty, doubts about his loyalty arise, even sparking a sense of resentment in Lee Sun's heart.

As the narrative unfolds, Lee In eventually ascends to the throne. Despite the respect he commands from his subjects, he experiences profound loneliness and struggles to find someone he can confide in. Eventually, he falls in love with a talented clown performer named Kang Hae Soo (Shin Se Kyung).

Little does he know, Hae Soo conceals a secret agenda and seeks revenge against Lee In. So, what twists and turns will the story of this king and the enigmatic spy take next?

3. Doctor Slump

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Park Shin Hye Park Hyung Sik

As we step into early 2024, Korea brings us a batch of captivating new dramas to indulge in. One of these gems is "Doctor Slump," featuring the ever-talented Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik. This 16-episode series tells the story of high school pals who couldn't stand each other back in the day but find themselves falling for each other in the future.

Nam Ha Neul (Park Shin Hye) and Yeo Jeong Woo (Park Hyung Sik) were once schoolyard rivals. As they grew up, Yeo Jung Woo became South Korea's most sought-after plastic surgeon, enjoying a smooth life until a career-altering incident struck.

Meanwhile, Nam Ha Neul pursued a path as an anesthesiologist, working diligently towards her dream of becoming a doctor. Her intelligence earned her widespread admiration, but she realized that she had been into work and hasn't had fun throughout her life.

When Ha Neul crosses paths with Jeon Woo again, she sees a glimmer of hope for a more enjoyable life. Could love possibly bloom between them, or will old grudges keep them apart?

4. The Bequeathed

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Kim Hyun Joo Park Hee Soon Park Byung Eun Ryu Kyung Soo

Following the triumphs of The Cursed, Hellbound, and Monstrous, screenwriter and director Yeon Sang-Ho is back with a Netflix collaboration drama in early 2024 called "The Bequeathed."

This drama delves into the theme of inheritance and was crafted alongside Min Hong Nam and Hwang Eun Young. "The Bequeathed" starts when Yoon Seo Ha, an honorary lecturer, unexpectedly inherits her family ancestor's tomb from her uncle.

Regrettably, this inheritance stirs up painful memories from Seo Ha's past, particularly regarding her father's abandonment of her and her mother. To make matters worse, Kin Young Ho, who claims to be Seo Ha's half-brother, emerges with intentions to stake a claim on the inheritance.

After that, a series of peculiar events unfold in the village, all somehow linked to Seo Ha's family tomb, including the mysterious death of her uncle. What's truly unraveling within the confines of Seo Ha's family tomb?

5. Marry My Husband

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Director ,
Cast Park Min Young Lee Yi Kyung Song Ha Yoon Na In Woo

South Korea seems to be the top spot for revenge dramas, right? These shows are really popular because they're thrilling and make viewers feel a sense of satisfaction when the main character overcomes tough times and gets back at those who wronged them in the past.

Take the drama "Marry My Husband," for example. It's about Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young), who is married to Park Min Hwan (Lee Yi Kyung). But their marriage is hanging by a thread.

Things go from bad to worse for Ji Won. She finds out she has cancer, her husband is out of work and drowning in debt, and then he starts cheating on her with his close friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon).

In a shocking twist, Ji Won is killed by Min Hwan and Soo Min. But instead of passing on to another world, she goes back in time by 10 years. Ji Won starts planning her revenge. She decides to make Soo Min marry Min Hwan, so Soo Min can experience the same misery Ji Won went through with her terrible husband.

6. Gyeongseong Creature

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Park Seo Joon Han So Hee

The movie is set in 1945, during the time Japan occupied Korea. The main character, Jang Tae Sang, is the richest man in Gyeonseong and owns the pawnshop 'House of Golden Treasure'. He was admired not only for his wealth but also for his good looks and wide network of informants throughout the city.

Tae Sang finds himself in a difficult situation when he is wrongly accused of being involved in a woman's disappearance. He's then arrested by Ishikawa, a high-ranking Japanese officer. The missing woman, Myeong Ja, is secretly involved with Ishikawa.

Tae Sang is forced to find her within given time or else he'll lose all his property to the police. His search leads him to Yoon Chae Ok, a private detective also looking for her lost mother. They decide to work together on their missions.

Surprisingly, all roads leading to Ongseong Hospital, are rumored to have been closed due to a deadly disease that afflicted one of its patients. However, as Tae Sang and Chae Ok dig deeper, they discover a deeper mystery surrounding the hospital, which is linked to the recent number of missing people in Gyeonseong.

7. A Shop for Killers

Year 2024
Genre , ,
Cast Lee Dong Wook Kim Hye Joon

Jung Ji An (Kim Hye Joon) suffered from childhood trauma: her father killed her mother before committing suicide. She was raised by her uncle, Jung Jin Man (Lee Dong Wook), who ran a shop.

When she grows up, Jin An decides to live on her own and goes to college. However, she has to return home after receiving news of her uncle's death. Surprisingly, Jin Man's death is reported as a suicide, which means Ji An is responsible for taking over the shop.

Soon, Ji An discovers something strange inside her uncle's shop. The store is no ordinary store as it holds a secret related to Jin Man's death that doesn't seem to be a suicide. What hidden truth lies inside Jin Man's shop?

Sharing the same title, "A Shop for Killers" is a spin-off of "The Killer's Shopping List," which aired in 2022, both adapted from the novel "The Killer's Shopping Mall" by Kang Ji-young.

8. Welcome to Samdal-ri

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Ji Chang Wook Shin Hye Sun

As 2023 draws to a close, K-drama enthusiasts are treated to the new series "Welcome to Samdal-ri," directed by Cha Young Hoon. Spanning 16 episodes, this drama showcases the talents of renowned actor Ji Chang Wook and the beautiful Shin Hye Sun. Together, they bring to life a tender story of childhood love that endures and evolves into adulthood, set in the picturesque region of Samdal-ri.

The series revolves around Cho Yong Pil (Ji Chang Wook) and Cho Sam Dal (Shin Hye Sun). They were close friends in their youth, but as time passed, their lives took different paths, leading to an eventual separation. Yong Pil now works as a weather forecaster on the scenic Jeju Island, while Sam Dal has made a name for herself as a celebrated photographer in Seoul, operating under the pseudonym Cho Eun Hye.

However, Sam Dal's career takes an unexpected hit due to an unforeseen incident, causing her world to crumble. In the wake of this setback, she returns to her roots in Samdal-ri. It's in her hometown that she meets Yong Pil again, her ex boyfriend, and reconnects with friends from her childhood.

Though the initial reunion is fraught with discomfort and challenges, Sam Dal endeavors to adjust and make peace with her past. As she navigates the complexities of homecoming and rekindled relationships, Sam Dal discovers a deeper sense of joy and fulfillment in the village where she grew up.

If you're a fan of the "Sweet Home" series, you're probably eager to see what happens next with Hyun Soo (played by Song Kang) and the other residents of Green Home Apartment who are trying to survive a world suddenly overrun by monsters.

In the second season, things get even more intense for Hyun Soo. He's caught by the military because he's part monster. Even though he's got this weird monster side, he still chooses to help the military find a cure.

Meanwhile, the military is working harder than ever to stop the virus. Monsters are taking over everywhere, and the military has to be really careful about who is infected and who isn't. If they find someone who's turned into a monster, they take them out right away.

Are you curious to see if humans can win this fight against the monsters? Check out "Sweet Home 2" to find out!

10. My Demon

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Kim Yoo Jung Song Kang

"My Demon" is a drama that tells about the unusual romance between a human and a supernatural being. Featuring Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung, this drama stands out with its young and dynamic cast, complemented by beautiful cinematography.

The plot revolves around Do Do Hee, the daughter of the owner of Mirae Group, who is poised to inherit her family's business. Growing up in a world of tough realities, Do Hee has learned not to easily trust others and is skeptical about love. However, her outlook begins to change after she enters a contractual marriage with Jeong Gu Won.

Gu Won is actually a demon who has lived in the human world for over two centuries. In a surprising twist, Do Hee saves Gu Won from nearly drowning, and this incident mysteriously transfers Gu Won's powers to her.

Armed with this knowledge, Do Hee decides to turn the tables and uses the situation to make Gu Won her fake husband. Gu Won, left with no other option, accepts the arrangement, secretly hoping that he will eventually regain his powers. This intriguing plot weaves together elements of love, trust, and the intersection of human and supernatural worlds.

11. Daily Dose of Sunshine

Year 2023
Cast Park Bo Young Yeon Woo Jin Jang Dong Yoon Lee Jung Eun

Meet Jung Da Eun, played by Park Bo Young, a nurse who's just been transferred from the internal medicine ward to neuropsychiatry. It's her first time in this department, and she finds it quite challenging. Despite this, Da Eun is determined to learn and help her patients, with guidance from Head Nurse Song Hyo Jin.

Da Eun's hard work and kindness catch the eye of Dong Go Yoon (Yeon Woo Jin), a doctor who specializes in proctology. She also becomes friends with Song Yo Chan (Jang Don Yoon), a guy who's always smiling but hides deep emotional scars.

"Daily Dose of Sunshine" takes us through Da Eun's journey as she helps her patients through their mental healing process. It gives an intimate look at the challenges faced by those suffering from paranoia, OCD, and other mental disorders.

Beyond its storyline, this is a heartwarming drama that increases our empathy and understanding towards people with mental illnesses. It sheds light on their experiences, emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding in mental health care.

The drama "Castaway Diva" centers around the story of Seo Mok Ha (portrayed by Park Eun Bin), a young girl with a dream of becoming a singer. As a sixth-grader, Mok Ha was on the verge of auditioning in Seoul when an unexpected twist left her stranded on a deserted island.

Isolated and unknown to the world, Mok Ha struggles to survive alone on the island. Time slips by, and before anyone realizes, 15 years have passed. The little girl, once reported missing, is finally discovered and rescued.

Returning to society after such a long isolation, Mok Ha finds herself out of step with the modern world. She has missed out on learning about many things during her time on the island. Despite these challenges, Mok Ha is determined not to let go of her musical aspirations. She bravely steps into this new world, eager to learn and pursue her passion for music.

Castaway Diva marks the much-anticipated return of Park Eun Bin in 2023. What makes this drama particularly special is the opportunity for viewers to witness the actress's singing and musical talents, showcasing her as a truly versatile and multi-talented performer.

13. Strong Girl Nam-soon

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Director ,
Cast Lee You Mi Kim Jung Eun Kim Hae Sook Ong Seong Wu Byeon Woo Seok

"Strong Girl Nam Soon," a spinoff of the immensely popular drama "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon," unfolds the story of Do Bong Soon's cousin, Nam Soon. Like Bong Soon, Nam Soon possesses extraordinary strength surpassing that of ordinary humans, a trait shared by all the women in their family lineage.

However, Nam Soon's life takes an unfortunate turn. As a baby, she was lost in Mongolia during a vacation with her father. This incident leads to the divorce of her parents.

Meanwhile, Nam Soon enjoys a fulfilling life in Mongolia with his adoptive parents. As an adult, she decides to return to Korea in search of her biological family. Upon her return, Nam Soon reunites with her family, and the impostor who had taken her place flees. Following a joyful family reunion, Nam Soon, her mother, and her grandmother—all endowed with superpowers—find themselves entangled in a dangerous drug case.

14. Twinkling Watermelon

Year 2023
Genre ,
Cast Ryeoun Choi Hyun Wook Seol In A Shin Eun Soo

Eun Gyeol (Ryeoun), a high school student with a knack for music, lives in a world quite different from his peers. His entire family – father, mother, and brother – are deaf, and their primary way of communicating is through sign language.

Secretly, Eun Gyeol has a deep passion for music and joins a band, keeping it hidden from his family. They have always assumed he would pursue a career in medicine, given his intelligence. However, his secret is unveiled when his father unexpectedly discovers him performing with the band, leading to a significant clash between them.

Feeling angry and let down, Eun Gyeol decides to give up his musical aspirations. In a bid to put his past behind, he visits a mysterious music shop to sell his guitar. But his life takes an extraordinary turn – upon leaving the shop, Eun Gyeol finds himself transported back to the year 1995. There, he meets the younger versions of her parents, Ha Yi Chan (Choi Hyun Wook) and Yoon Chung A (Shin Eun Soo).

This unexpected journey through time reveals to Eun Gyeol numerous unknown facts about his family's past. He experiences his first love and forms new, heartwarming friendships. Despite the story moving back and forth in time, viewers will find the narrative seamlessly woven, making it easy to follow. This drama, rich with emotions and revelations, is not to be missed!

15. A Good Day to be a Dog

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Cha Eun Woo Park Gyu Young Lee Hyun Woo

"Based on the popular Webtoon 'A Good Day to Be a Dog' by Lee Hey, this story unfolds the unique love journey of Han Hae Na. She carries an unusual curse - whenever she kisses a man, she transforms into a dog. This transformation happens every night and lasts until sunrise. The only way for Hae Na to become human again is if the man she kissed is willing to kiss her in her dog form.

This peculiar curse has been passed down through Hae Na's family, leading her to choose a life of staying single.

Hae Na, a high school teacher, finds herself in a tricky situation one night. After having a bit too much to drink, she accidentally kisses her coworker, Jin Seo Won. Seo Won is a math teacher known for his cold and reserved demeanor. To complicate matters, Seo Won has a deep-seated fear of dogs, stemming from a traumatic childhood incident.

The big question that looms is whether Hae Na will be able to get Seo Won to overcome his fear and kiss her in her dog form, breaking the curse. This story takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, blending romance, humor, and a touch of magic."

16. Doona!

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Bae Suzy Yang Se Jong

Doona (Bae Suzy), known for her stunning beauty and impressive talent, is at the heart of the popular girl group Dream Sweet. As the group's central figure and main vocalist, she shines in the spotlight. However, in a surprising twist, Doona makes the shocking decision to leave the group and step away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Choosing a different path, Doona moves into a rental house where she becomes housemates with Wo Joon (Yang Se Jong), a student. Their first encounter is filled with misunderstandings, as Doona mistakes Wo Joon for a fan, partly because he's wearing a T-shirt with her group's name.

As time passes, Doona starts to see Wo Joon in a different light, noticing his genuine kindness. From initial suspicion and misunderstandings, their relationship evolves, drawing them closer together. Gradually, amidst the everyday moments and shared experiences, a romantic connection blossoms between Doona and Wo Joon.

This romantic drama, inspired by Min Songa's manhwa "The Girl Downstairs," captivates its audience with its simplicity and heartfelt storytelling. "Doona!" is a tale that resonates with viewers, enchanting them with its beautifully crafted romantic moments, and proving that sometimes, the most touching stories are found in the simplest of settings.

17. Destined with You

Year 2023
Genre ,
Cast Jo Bo Ah Rowoon Ha Joon Yura

Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah) has always faced tough times in her life. Since she was in school, she was bullied, and things didn't get much better when she grew up. Even at her job as a civil servant, she was treated unfairly because she came from a different background. But Hong Jo is strong and never gives up. She works hard and does her job well.

In a different world, there's Jang Shin Yu (Ro Woon), who comes from a rich family and is a famous lawyer in South Korea. But Shin Yu has a big problem – a curse that has been in his family for a long time.

To break this curse, Shin Yu needs to find a spell in a 300-year-old book hidden in a temple on Mount Onju. The twist is, the book now belongs to Lee Hong Jo, because the owner of the temple gave it to her. So, Shin Yu has to find Hong Jo to get the book.

When they first meet, things don't go smoothly, and everything is a mess. But as they keep talking and spending time together, Shin Yu, who is usually cold and distant, starts to change because of Hong Jo. In the end, they both work together to try to break the curse on Shin Yu.

18. A Time Called You

Year 2023
Genre , , ,
Cast Ahn Hyo Seop Jeon Yeo-been Kang Hoon

"A Time Called You," a 12-episode drama, is a exciting adaptation of the 2019 Taiwanese series "Someday or One Day." Directed by Kim Ji Won, the drama introduces us to the story of Han Jun Hee (Jeon Yeo Been), who is mourning the loss of her beloved, Koo Yeon Jun (Ahn Hyo Seop).

In a bewildering twist of fate, Jun Hee finds herself transported back in time to 1998. To add to her confusion, she discovers she's in the body of a girl named Kwon Min Joo. Jun Hee then starts searching for answers to understand her time travel.

During her quest, Jun Hee meets a man named Si Heon, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her deceased lover, Yeon Joo. The striking similarity between Si Heon and Yeon Joo leaves Jun Hee stunned.

Despite a somewhat awkward start, Jun Hee, now in Min Ju's body, and Si Heon gradually form a bond. Si Heon becomes an ally in her search for clues to unravel the mystery behind her unexpected journey through time. Watch as Jun Hee and Si Heon follow this extraordinary situation, seeking answers to a puzzle that spans across time.

19. Behind Your Touch

Year 2023
Genre , , ,
Cast Han Ji Min Lee Min Ki Kim Jun Myeon (Suho EXO)

Bong Ye Bun (played by Han Ji Min) is a veterinarian in a quaint village. One day, she is struck by a mysterious object from the sky while checking a cow on a local farm. Following this bizarre incident, Ye Bun discovers she has gained an unusual ability, that she can read the memories of humans and animals simply by holding their buttocks.

Ye Bun finds that she can see past events through the eyes of the person or animal she touches. This unique skill catches the attention of a young detective, Moon Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki), who asks for her help to solve mysteries in the village. Their collaboration becomes crucial when a series of terrifying serial murders unsettles the villagers.

Together, Ye Bun and Jang Yeol dig into the investigation, seeking to identify and catch the serial killer. The task proves challenging as they discover the killer also possesses supernatural abilities, similar to Ye Bun's, which he uses to deceive the police and evade capture time and again.

"Behind Your Touch" combines a suspenseful narrative with a generous dose of comedy, ensuring that the audience is both intrigued and entertained. Follow the journey of Ye Bun and Jang Yeol as they work to uncover the identity of the elusive perpetrator, navigating through a blend of thrilling and humorous escapades.

20. The Killing Vote

Year 2023
Genre , ,
Cast Park Hae Jin Park Sung Woong Lim Ji Yeon

In this drama, a shadowy figure known as Dog Mask emerges, casting votes on the fate of criminals recently released from prison. Each time a criminal steps out of jail, Dog Mask initiates a public vote, open to everyone aged 18 and over.

If the majority, over 50%, vote for the death penalty, Dog Mask promptly executes the criminal. In the midst of this chaos, Kim Moo Chan (played by Park Hae Jin), the leader of a police investigation team, and Joo Hyun (Lim Ji Yeon), a cyber cop, are assigned the daunting task of tracking down Dog Mask.

Adding to the mix is Kwok Seok Joo (Park Sung Woong), a law graduate now serving time in prison. He made headlines for taking the law into his own hands by murdering his daughter’s rapist and then surrendering to the police. His connection to Dog Mask raises questions and deepens the mystery.

"Killing Vote" is a thrilling mystery drama, adapted from a webcomic with the same name. The identity of the person behind the Dog Mask and their true motives for taking such extreme vigilante actions against criminals are central to the plot. To unravel the mystery behind Dog Mask's identity and their ultimate goal, be sure to watch this drama to its conclusion.

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